Handle fittings

The handle fittings offered by Ircef S.r.l. are produced according to the highest construction standards and the strictest European Regulations.

Surface treatments for handle fittings

Standard White Passivisation is a blue coloured film that rests on the electrolytically deposited zinc obtained in alkaline, cyanide or acid environments, a process which does not contain hexavalent chromium.

Another process typical of our handle fittings is Tropical Passivisation without Chromium VI: process based on Trivalent Chromium that allows achievement of an iridescent tropical coloured film. It gives a protective value, tested under the ASTM UNI ISO regulation for an average resistance greater than 120h before the appearance of white corrosion stains. Ircef’s standard thickness of deposited zinc is between 4 and 8 microns but may vary according to the specific needs of the client.


Ircef handle fittings are produced, where not otherwise specified, strictly according to the ISO 2768-1 regulation, which outline the following tolerances:

>0,5 mm =6 mm >6 mm =30 mm >30 mm =120 mm >120 mm =400 mm
± 0,1 mm ± 0,2 mm ± 0,3 mm ± 0,5 mm

Dimensional tolerances in handle spindles

All of our handle spindles may be selected with the following dimensional tolerances:

h11 +0/-0,10 mm

The steel of our handle fittings

Various types of steel and different finishes characterise the total quality of all of our handle fittings. The three main raw materials used are:

Steel 11SmnPb37 (AVP): available immediately, used by 90% of clients, in compliance with regulation UNI EN 10277-3:2000 n° steel 1.0737 with Rm from 510÷810 N/sqmm.

Steel S235JRC+C (FE): available immediately, in compliance with regulation EN 10277-2/08, used for smooth metal frames.

Stainless Steel Aisi 303: available by order, in compliance with regulation UNI EN 10088-3:2004. n° steel 1.4305. Steel that combines good workability with optimum stainless qualities, used in particularly aggressive environments (marine areas, boats, chemical industries) Rm= 600÷890 N/sqmm.